Ellusionist Fathom deck review…

Review of Ellusionist’s new Fathom deck.
(Spoiler: Overall I really like the deck.)

This is my first deck review. My main goal was to show the cards while keeping things brief so I don’t waste anyone’s time with extraneous details. Additionally I focused on showing the cards in action.



  1. These cards suck. While the design is nice, ellusionist has decided to cut corners and no longer print with the US playing card company. This means a lesser quality card stock and finish and you can tell. Not to mention the tuck box quality is lacking as well. No longer buying cards from ellusionist.

  2. Good question. Right now my favorite is probably either D&D's MagicCon 2012 deck, DB's Split Spades deck, or perhaps E's Green Artifice deck (with white borders). However…. I do have a large number of "new" decks I have bought over the last 1/2 year that I haven't even had a chance to open yet. My opinion might change after I check those out. For the time being, they silently mock me from the kitchen counter.

  3. Hey Lee. I didn't know you were the designer behind all these decks. That's one impressive resume you have. I have all those E decks you mentioned and have been meaning to find time to review them as well. Funny thing is I already became a backer of your Empire playing cards project earlier today before you made this comment. 🙂 I look forward to getting a hold of the deck… looks incredible.

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