Dynamo Magician Assisted by Demons/Jinns [Concrete Proof]

There are many debates on the internet about Dynamo, some say that he perfoms his tricks thanks to the help of demons/jinns and others think that there are natural explanations behind his tricks.

For now, no one on earth has ever found an single proof to show that Dynamo is assisted by demons to perform his tricks… and skeptiks still want to believe in some natural explanations, because if it was not the case their entire system of belief would fall down.

However, having watched most of the episodes of “Dynamo Magician Impossible”, I’ve found one mistake during one his tricks, one clear visual proof which is impossible to be explained rationnaly.

A visual proof is better than thousands of theories, so I invite you to watch the video and to judge for yourself…

Many debunkers and skeptiks are spreading videos which are supposed to explain some of the tricks made by Dynamo, some of these videos contain true explanations but others just do not fit.

Indeed, the magicians assisted by demons/jinns, usually mix natural tricks with supernatural tricks. In case, they need to justify themselves and proove that their tricks are produced only through their skills, these magicians deliberatly reveal explanations of some of their tricks … but only those which are performed through natural ways … they use this method in order to give the illusions that all the rest of their tricks are made through the same way, while they know that these other tricks are impossible to be made by a simple human being.

Most of the magicians start their career by reading tons of magic books, at the beginning they can only count on their own skills, and very quickly, they want more, more impressive tricks like the most famous of their peers, but they realize that these tricks cannot be done naturally.

They are willing to do whatever it takes to become famous and rich like their famous peers such as Dynamo, Criss Angel, Mike Super, David Blaine, David Copperfield, Houdini, … so they open themselves to demonic spirits/jinns, they call upon them and use all kind of technics in order to receive special abilities from these jinns. If the demons/jinns judge that a magician is enough charismatic and can serve their plan, then they accept to make a deal with him, giving him reknown and wealthness in exchange for his soul. The magicians knows that, they do not do that by ignorance, they perfectly know what they are doing there is no doubt about that.

As soon as the pact is concluded, the magician literally becomes the slave of the jinn(s), he is used as channel by these jinns: his speech, his clothing, his tricks, the least details of his shows and tricks are then decided by the demons/jinns, the magician is no longer master of his destiny.

The goal of these demons is to deceive the people through these magicians, to make them believe in their lies and illusions, to challenge God by usurpating his miracles through mere illusions, to get the people think that all men can become godlikes, there is no limit to their power … and ultimately to push them in disbelief or in the practice of magic (which is a grave sin of idolatry and association), or at least in the belief of magic.

Not so long ago, any magic was openly considered as a one of the numerous schools of sorcery, the less skilled sorcerers were dedicated to magic. Sorcery is all about conjuring demons/jinns, worshipping satan and spreading all kind of perditions … but now, these magicians are the modern time prophets of our times, they are the new prophets of Satan, and their work has deceived many, they are now operating openly and are venerated by the people like gods.