Dissociative identity disorder – Safe inner world – DIY with self hypnosis

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. SEE DISCLAIMER for this video BELOW! For the Plural Positivity World Conference 2019 we created a long video with more specifics on how to safely use self hypnosis to improve your innerworld. It also has many more ideas to implement then the simple boardroom in this video. Link to the long video: https://youtu.be/LaAR8Tqw7cY

DISCLAIMER and information, please just take some time to read this, thank you! Also there are amazing links in here. Go have a look there for more help or information. Goodluck!

about (self) hypnosis, this video, stuff you download/listen to outside of this video PLEASE READ!!! you should NOT NOT NOT do this while you drive or operate heavy machinery!!!!!!!!!!! This video is in no way a replacement for any prescribed medication; nor is it intended to replace therapy or any other form of professional help!
I am not a certified hypnotherapist. I am not a psychologist or doctor. I do consider myself a hypnotist (not hypnotherapist!) but i have no certification for it. I explain how I implement this in my life and how you could do it in your life. I do not hypnotise you in this video. Self hypnosis is safe to use for building a safe place and inviting others to join you. You can not get stuck, worse case you fall asleep and wake up refreshed. Hypnosis can be used for many things and that is not what i promote or think is safe for people with DID. Only what i explain in this video. Of course there are other good things that can be done with hypnosis and i might make a video about that at a later time. Please keep yourself safe, be careful if you search the web for this! Do not randomly download stuff. Listen to a file from begin to end before you let yourself go into a hypnotic state, so you know you are comfortable with everything that will be said! Do not pay for files, there are enough free files out there! Stay away from predators! And educate yourself about this topic if you are seriously interested in it. You can not create DID with hypnosis, you can f*ck up DID with hypnosis SO PLEASE KEEP YOURSELF SAFE! Especially if you decide it works better for you to listen to files other people created. I don’t want to scare you, but i do want to warn people, cause i would hate to see someone getting hurt! /End disclaimer

Also, we truly believe everyone can enter the headspace. Or make one for themselves and invite others. Like inviting friends or family over to your house. So weather you are the host, original, the first, the real one or just a random alter without a job, everyone can access it! It might take some practice, but its doable. If you try to get into the head/safe space of another alter, maybe asking permission would work? If you can be co-conscious hold hands and guide each other around.

Lisa hosted this video and Katherine stayed close by to give safety warnings and mention some other very important stuff. We hope you like this video and that it helps people. If you have questions, feel free to ask them below in the comment section! We will try our best to answer them for you.

If you want a safe video to try a deeper form of self hypnosis to build a safe place, than i can recommend this video from the following link (not by me!) and pause it any time that feels natural for you to be able to focus your attention to what you want to create and so you can take your time to invite the rest of you who want to join you in your(s) safe space. The video from the link is not specifically for people with DID/alters! https://youtu.be/GI5yDfkv4a4

Here is an awesome DIY headspace guide:


We are a dissociative identity disorder plural system. We got diagnosed in 2012 and since then have been reading everything we could get our hands on. In 2017 we decided to dedicate time and our resources in providing accurate up to date information on DID and OSDD. And to share our personal story living with this condition. By now we have over a 100 videos, many of which are educational. We are in no way expects or doctors. Nor can or should our videos replace your doctors advice or medication.

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