Derren Brown Hypnosis… Was The Assassin For Real? | Analysis of MK Ultra Mind Control Hypnotism

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So is it really possible to use hypnosis to create and assassin using hypnotism for mind control… MK Ultra style? Or is it all ‘smoke ‘n’ mirrors? What does all this say about hypnosis and hypnotherapy?


With this video, I want to be clear that I am NOT saying that ‘what you see is what you get’ with Derren’s show. When I say that it is possible to ‘hypnotically’ influence someone to perform an assassination, I don’t necessarily mean ‘put them into trance and give them a post-hypnotic suggestion’! As most people who have followed my blog ( ) will know, I view hypnosis as something subtler than that which is presented by most ‘old school’ hypnotists and their models of hypnosis.

Derren achieved what he achieved within a particular context, much of what is presented is about PRESENTATION rather than getting results. If the CIA ever experimented with classic ‘induction based’ hypnosis to ‘programme’ assassins, I am absolutely sure they would have dropped it in favour of more effective methods that are better suited to their needs and contexts.

Remember, Derren is not just doing hypnosis, he is also presenting it… selling the hypnosis itself!

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