David Blaine CARDS vs. Criss Angel CARDS!

Who has the better cards? I personally vote for Blaines. They are made at the United States Playing Card factory in USA. The Mindfreak deck was made in China.

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  1. Another awesome video Hammer. I don't have any of David Blaine's playing cards. But I will try to get my hands on one. Which David Blaine deck would you recommend? Just wondering how do you come up with your videos? Love you! God Bless!

  2. This is like comparing a go-kart to a Lamborghini… David Blaine's cards are my favorite specialty decks I have ever owned, my all time favorite are the old school mind reading decks, if I ever see them up on ebay, imma be snatching them up real quick :p

  3. if you are in the magic world you must know that criss angel has the baroque deck made by the uspcc, but the only reason why you are comparing the mindfreak deck to any david blaine deck is because you hate him and you want to let it out.

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