Daily Meditation and Discourse by Siddhaguru || 10th MAY

Siddhaguru has a unique yogic power called Shaktipath (flow of divine energy from guru to disciple). Using this technique, a disciple will be able to go into deeper levels of meditation very easily.
When siddhaguru meditates his Divine Aura expands. Because of that, the aspirant will easily to get stable mind, calm mind. Besides this, one gets relaxed mind, positive energy and will be relieved from all stress.
Daily Meditation with Siddhaguru is very useful for everyone. A beginner or an experienced person will get concentration by simply looking at siddhaguru.
Daily Meditation improves a wide range of willpower skills, including attention, focus, stress management and self-control. So get all meditation benefits with this guided meditation program.
This program also includes siddhaguru’s discourse for 15 minutes. Siddhaguru speaks about different issues around the world.
Siddhaguru started a program called Daily Meditation and Discourse by Siddhaguru on
4 May, 2020.
This video is on 10th MAY 2020.

call 1800 1022 393 for more details
songs used in this video belongs to siddhaguru.
Venue : Shiva Shakti Shiridi Sai Anugraha mahapeetam, Ramaneswaram

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