Criss Angel: Trick'd Up – On the Bus Levitating with Criss Angel | A&E

Criss flies out of their bus and levitates on to the Vegas strip. #TrickdUp

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Criss Angel: Trick’d Up
Season 1
Episode 1

This fast-paced, one hour special showcases the most mind-blowing magic ever performed. Criss Angel and “The Supernaturalists,” his hand-picked team of the of the world’s best magicians, leave the glitz of Vegas to go on a road trip to the heart of America, shocking unsuspecting bystanders and destroying the minds of celebrity guests. It’s the raw, in-your-face, insane magic that Criss Angel has pioneered. With more than 30 illusions, the TV special event is packed with more magic than any televised magic show, EVER!

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  1. He is typical North Jersey greasy, self-absorbed trash! There are no "real" anythings with him…. he is an illusionist.. like David Blaine and 9,000,000,000 people before them both… I cannot comprehend how anyone can believe anything like this is "real". You must be the same clowns that do 40 in the left lane of a 4 lane, 75 MPH highway.

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