Can you get stuck in hypnosis forever? Question: What if I attempt self-hypnosis and find I can’t wake up? Will I stay in trance forever?

Answer: I hear this one a fair bit. First of all, you have to realize that you aren’t asleep when you’re in a hypnotic trance. It’s a relaxed state of awareness, in which you have greater access to the unconscious mind and its internal resources. Plus, hypnosis isn’t a “thing”. It’s a set of procedures. You aren’t technically “in” anything at all, but are running some processes, that enables you to do certain things better than you can when you’re not in a trance. For example, it’s typically fairly difficult to slow your heart and lower your blood pressure when you’re wide awake. But in a hypnotic trance, you have greater access to these controls, as long as you continue to remain in trance. So since it’s up to you whether or not you remain in trance or come out of it, there’s no possible way of getting stuck there. Even if a hypnotized person is told that they will never awaken, they eventually awaken! I’m using the word “awaken” purely as a convenience, because, you aren’t asleep when you’re hypnotized. To repeat, you are simply running a process that keeps you in trance as long as you keep running the process. You can no more get stuck in hypnosis that you can get stuck watching TV or brushing your teeth. You can come out of it whenever you want to .