Bom the Clown – Magic Tricks for Kids to guess Who is the BIG Rhinoceros?

Funny Clown Videos. Who is the BIG Rhinoceros? Bom the Clown & Magic Tricks for Kids
The fairy Tinker Bell gave her magic abilities to Funny Clown Bom as a gift. She knew that Clown Bom adores Magic tricks and different types of experiments. Clown Bom started using the magic abilities without wasting any time. For so long Funny Clown Bom has dreamed of having a big powerful Rhinoceros. He even thought of names to give to his Rhinoceros and the choices were Big or just Rhino. This was the chance he never had! Bom the experiment. First of all he tried to turn the little Rhino into the huge Rhinoceros he wanted which did not work. The little rhinoceros turned into a bit bigger but… kids if the dream of Funny Clown Bom came true or not?



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