Best Back to School Card Trick!

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Alright guys, so today I’m showing you a really card trick that you can perform at school or wherever you feel like you want to impress someone. I know there’s a setup but its really nothing too bad so if you’re trying to go for a routine this is a great effect to start off with. I hope the trick goes well for you all and as always thanks for watching!

My Equipment! –
• Blue Card Mat:
• Camera:
• Lights:



  1. Bro i was so confused cause it was 10:00 at night and im sitting on my bed watching this video for a GOOD 5 HOURS and im beYOND confused. my mom comes up and asks what am i doing up? so i show her the video and she starts craking up cause i told her i didnt know how to do it. then she TAKES the deck of cards im holding and does it first try. like BRO. IM THE MAGICIAN GET OUTA HERE! XD i am confusion.

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