Basic Mind Control Techniques | The Killer Mentalism Manuscript

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Basic Mind Control Techniques | The Killer Mentalism Manuscript

Mentalism is arguably the most popular and growing form of magical performance around today. It’s also one of the areas that seems most frightening to novice magicians because of the mystique surrounding it. Of course, that mystique is all part of the act and once you know the insider secrets behind what really goes on in most mentalism tricks and routines, you’ll find that it is no more (or less) demanding to learn than any other kind of magic trick.

The power of mentalism tricks and routines lies essentially in two things:

– one is that it appeals to the fundamental hopes and fears of the human mind. Just think how perennially popular are ghost stories, psychic readings, U.F.O. sightings and anything which suggests that there is ‘something more’ to life than the humdrum of daily experience.
– another is that of all magical traditions it does most to mask its true techniques in a cloud of mystery and misinformation.

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