ATTRACT MONEY $ MAGNETIZE ABUNDANCE: Money Manifestation | Binaural Beats+Subliminal Meditation

Attract MONEY, WEALTH & SUCCESS: subconscious programming. This session contains high-quality Binaural Beats Delta brain waves 4 Hz and subliminal messages.

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The first 5 minutes contain VISUAL money-related subliminal affirmations as well. In order to make the best out of it, lie down or sit in a comfortable position, use headphones and watch it in a dark room.

All of the subliminal commands are meant to replace the old beliefs you have about making money or fears you hold that block you from succeeding.

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The positive affirmations of this session:
I am a winner, I think like a winner and behave like a winner in everyday life | Success comes naturally to me | Multiple incomes reach my life | Magnetizing money is what I do on a daily basis | Money comes so easily and frequently into my life | I surround myself with successful people | Every day that goes by I make more and more money | My income is growing constantly | It’s ok to have inspirations when it comes to making money | I think like a millionaire | I act in a way that leads me to earn lots of money
Creative ideas of how to make a good amount of money flow to me all the time | With every breath, I inhale the energy of prosperity and abundance | With every breath, I exhale tension and fear | I believe in myself and my enormous capability to be a successful person

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*The Vortex Success channel creates positive subliminal affirmations and brainwave entrainment embedded in relaxing background music. I put my best energy into creating these videos with the intention to bring you high value and inspire you to find the path of joy, positivity, and empowerment.
Each recording on this channel contains different affirmations that match the subject of the specific video and background music to induce deep relaxation.
The embedded hidden affirmations and brainwave entrainment are created uniquely by me.

*What are subliminal messages? They are hidden commands that are perceived by our minds, below our level of awareness. Meaning, we process them, but without being aware of doing so. In other words, they speak directly to our subconscious mind.

Disclaimer: This recording along with any other recordings on my channel should not be used as a replacement for any medical treatment. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help. Do not drive or operate machinery whilst listening to these videos.