Attract Money FAST Subliminal + Reiki Music to Remove Financial Blocks | Manifest Abundance & Wealth

💸 This video contains positive affirmations layered under distance Reiki healing energy

💸 As you listen your financial blockages will slowly dissipate

💸 Subliminal affirmations will help reprogram your subconscious mind to help you attract more money

💸 Relax & allow this session to heal your energy field

💸 May notice results in minutes or days depending on each person’s energy

💸 Affirmations looped in this video ~

I am worthy
I am worthy of this energetic shift
I attract money now
Money is attracted to me
Money comes to me in unexpected ways
I find money on the ground constantly
Money finds me
I feel rich
I am rich
I am a money magnet
Money flows to me every second
Money loves me
I love money
I attract money now
Money is attracted to me now
I am a billionaire
Every second I find money
Every second money finds me
I am growing richer every second
My income is tripling every second
I am so grateful
I receive money happily now
Money flows into my bank account now
Money comes to me from unknown sources
Money is constantly flowing into my life
I am grateful for daily miracles
Abundance finds me now
I am aligned with abundance
I am filled with money making ideas
The Universe is sending me opportunities now
The Universe is sending me unexpected money now
My life is overflowing with abundance
I am able to help others with my overflow of money
Money flows to me easily
Money flows to me constantly
I have new money making ideas
I am increasingly magnetic to money
Every time I blink I receive money
Money comes to me every time I blink
I am grateful for my abundance of money
I am grateful my savings account triples every second
I am worthy of all money flowing into my life
I am grateful for my continuous flow of money
I am so grateful
I am so grateful
I am so grateful

💸 《Exaggerated affirmations speed up results》

🚫 Please do not drive while listening

Feel free to comment any special requests ♡

Be open to receive this healing ♡

Namaste friends ♡ have a blessed day!

Maria Molina – Holistic Healing – Vida Holística
Reiki Healing to Remove Financial Blocks
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