Attract + Create ABUNDANCE- Watching this will Manifest you Miracles

*Even just watching this fully through and listening to the mantra while I tap in~ can align you with the frequency of abundance.*
Channeling the Goddess Lakshmi, and allowing her assistance in sculpting the energetic space that surrounds me, and breathes the life within me.
Lakshmi is the Goddess of Love, Abundance, Wealth and prosperity. Her light overflows unconditionally through supportive vibrations of bliss, support and joy.
Here I am flowing through an intuitive yet sourced-guided exercise of attracting and creating aligned abundance, by opening to receive the specific frequencies, and concreting them into my aura through breath, intention and movement.
In this video, I was in Goa India cohosting my Goddess Retreat, and this was after a Lakshmi channeling workshop I guided the women through. After I was requested by Guides to simply record myself in my own practice to share- and here it is~
This is not a detailed version or teaching, simply me expressing and sharing and if it resonates, the spark within you that remembers, will also light~~
*Teachings coming soon~ Stay tuned

Does this exercise resonate with you? Do you have your own personal exercises and practices and rituals in honor of the Gods, Goddesses, or your Higher Self?

Blissings to you, Divine Being~

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