America's Got Talent 2017 Visualist Will Tsai Unbelievable Sleight of Hand Full Audition S12E01

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Never seen anything like this – magic completely out in the open



  1. When magic is actually impressive, people say, "Holy shit! That's gotta be fake! They're just using camera tricks." When people find out how it's done, they are either really impressed or not. This video interests me, because after I slowed the video down and found out it was a camera trick, it ruined the magic. But, if I hadn't, like many, it would have stayed magical and impressive.

  2. Will Tsai first used to coin matrix method of magic.. The second is it is a hologram touch screen projector.. watch closely his left hand when he snap his hands.. He pushed something beneath the table.. The 3rd is there is already a rose petal underneath the black illusion table..

  3. The only reason he didn't get the golden buzzer because he's magic tricks are helped with visual effects done by amercas got talent and they thought that it wasn't fair to the contestants who actually do there performance with actual talent 2 years late but

    Captn D

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