Abundance, Prosperity & Success Morning Affirmations – Creating a New Life in 21 Days

Everything is energy. Everything, including our thoughts, vibrates at different frequencies. Each thought you think has its own vibrational frequency, and your reality is matching those thought frequencies with things like it. If you want anything in your life to change, then you must first change the thoughts that you have been thinking. The more positive your thoughts are, then the higher your vibration will be, and more things that match that higher frequency will come into your reality. These affirmations are a guide to help you to begin changing your thoughts, and raising your vibration, so that you can match the things in life you really want.

First 30 affirmations:
My thoughts and emotions are vibrating at specific frequencies that are creating my reality
My emotions are created by my focus
Where my focus goes, energy flows
This is a new day
I am beginning new today
Each moment of my life is filled with infinite possibilities
I am embracing today with love and appreciation
I am a loving soul in a human body
I am here to do the things that bring me joy
I am here to grow and expand into more
I am becoming aware of the bountiful abundance that is already all around me
I am becoming aware of all the opportunities that lie before me
I am becoming aware of all the prosperity already flowing into my life
I am now allowing myself to attract all the success that is waiting for me
I am now allowing myself to let in all of the prosperity that awaits me
Whatever I want also wants me
I am now connected to all the abundance that is all around me
I am now connected to the prosperity that the universe is constantly flowing to me
I am now connected to the stream of unconditional love
Prosperity and abundance are always flowing to and through me
I am deserving
I am good enough
I am blessed
I am bountiful
I am divine
I am attracting and creating prosperity and success
I am planting the seed of success
Success is whatever I choose it to be
My success brings me joy and happiness
My success is perfect just for me

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Spoken words by Emily Rhinier (Unlimited You)

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