Absolutely Insane David Blaine Card Trick Tutorial!

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Alright guys so today I’m showing you how to do a really cool card. Unfortunately it is not impromptu but the set up can be easily acquired. It is simple enough for beginners however its great for everyone of all skill levels. I hope you all like the video and as always thanks for watching.



  1. I would just like to say thank you man, 3 months ago, I began street magic and because of you and other youtubers, 3 months later I have entertained so much people, whether friends, co-workers, or strangers. You are the first channel I found that taught me my first trick. Hope to be like you and many other magicians someday

  2. I would tell them to shuffle d deck the they will choose the card btw the deck is face down then i flip the deck and flip the bottom card (before that, u want to make them busy like check the card if its 2 cards )then 1:26 i follow the rest of the tutorial btw its better LIKE If U AGREE!!!

  3. I've seen this done without the cards being shuffled – the chosen card slides back in the pack, the pack then goes back in the pack box, the cards are removed from the box then fanned and wolah, the chosen card is there, upside down. I've also seen this done where a card is verbally chosen < this then appears upside down when the pack is removed from the box and fanned – can anyone please paste links for tutorials on these 2 tricks.

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