Absolute Easiest Card Trick for Beginners!

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Alright guys, so today I’m going to be showing you what is in my opinion, the best card that a beginner can learn. It requires no sleight of hand which means this trick will be perfect if you’re a beginner or experienced magician. I hope this card trick works out for you all and as always, thanks for watching!

My favorite decks to use!
Standard Bicycle Cards – https://goo.gl/0Sydv5
Red Dragon Back – https://goo.gl/8Fc6NP
Theory 11 Monarchs – https://goo.gl/AOgb2B



  1. Awesome! Can you recommend a trick from your Channel for someone who knows how to do things like fake cut the deck and pinky and thumb break the deck. I also know 5 simple tricks but I want to move up. Any suggestions would really help and the video was great!

  2. Oh and btw I love your videos I literally watched your first one to today you are great but I don't think that you are posting that much anymore and I would love if you start posting daily weekly not trying to be rude I am not saying that I don't like you but I just want you to post more please and thank you 😇😊

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