5 Back To School Magic Tricks

Magic tricks and pranks for Back To School 2019! Learn how to impress your friends and teachers with these amazing tricks and tips with school supplies! After you go shopping and get a big school supplies haul try out these fun ideas to prank your friends at school! The secrets are simple yet extremely clever; you’ll be pranking it up in no time! Perfect magic pranks that pack neatly in your backpack or locker and can be performed at your desk! Each prank in the video includes a full tutorial with step by step instructions for each trick! All magic secrets revealed! Learn how to make a magic sticky note waterfall, create the illusion of a ruler going through your arm and freak out your classmates, the secret of a cool DIY trick with playing cards and folders, a larger-than-life pencil trick and much more!

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Supplies You’ll Need:
Playing Cards • Folder • Scissors • Combo Lock • Giant Pencil • Pencil Case • Utility Blade • Saw • Rulers • Protractor • Backpack • Pop Up Post It Notes • Desk

Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video:
Appearing Giant Pencil from Pencil Box Trick
Magic Ruler Thru Arm Back To School Prank
Shrinking Folder How To Make Tiny School Supplies Card Trick
Combination Locker Lock on Protractor School Supply Prank
How To Do Post It Note Paper Waterfall Trick


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