5 Amazing Things You Can Do In Adobe InDesign

Adobe Evangelist Terry White hosts special guest Dave Clayton and together they will 5 Amazing Things You can Do in Adobe InDesign and number three will blow your mind. If you’re an InDesign user you don’t want to miss this.

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  1. Hi does anyone know how to make a scrollable text box in InDesign? The latest version doesn't have folio overlay…it just has overlays and when I go through the process nothing happens…not even a preview option…any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Great Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried – Tarbbatigan ebook master Tip (do a search on google)? It is an awesome one off product for learning how to create an ebook without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy finally got amazing results with it.

  3. Hi Terry
    Have a question regarding Exporting an 8-page spread in Indesign to a PNG or Jpeg into one file not all pages to become separate PNG files. Is there a way. I selected spreads while exporting but all pages are single page PNGs? Need help!

  4. Loved the shrink up text box tips! As I was playing around with it, I realized that you can do it in reverse as well. When you have the red cross text over-set icon showing, just double click the lower left corner to expand out, or better yet, double click the center bottom point to expand the box to where the text finishes.

  5. Thanks for some great tips. I'm sure the auto size text frame option doesn't work for linked text boxes because it wouldn't know when to stop the one and start the other. Probably why it's not the default as in design is essentially for multiple page, multiple linked text boxes documents. Will test it out tomorrow.

  6. Thanks guys! I knew most of it but some small things I learn. You could show whole range of double clicking on control points of a text frame. There are some other features. Shortcut Shift+Cmd+> / < works also in Photoshop and Illustrator.

  7. I know this video is 2 years old but I only recently learned about the auto-resize option from another video, and from this video I realized that yes you CAN access text frame options (ctrl/cmd+B) and set it as the default! So cool!

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