4A Magic Card Trick That Will Blow Your Friend's Mind!

▶ 4A Magic Card Trick That Will Blow Your Friend’s Mind!

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  1. figured it right away, even before the trick was finished. Your tight grip on 0:21 was a dead giveaway. There is an extra card under the aces. When he is placing the cards in the pack, in random locations, those are those extra ones, not the aces.

  2. I must say I'm always fascinated every time I watch a real magician work. The dedication, persistence, and hours of practice needed to pull off a great trick is never lost on me. Every time I see it, I still get excited. This was not one of those times.

  3. Here's a quick simple trick for you…In the video above, notice how the ace of hearts is upside down..i.e. the heart in the centre faces the wrong way.
    So, to prepare this trick take out the Ace of Hearts from the deck together with the Two and Three of Diamonds, and place the Ace of Diamonds on the bottom of the deck.
    Fan out the three cards, making sure the Ace of Hearts is in the centre with the other two either side…make sure the heart in the corner of the Ace is covered by the edge of one card, and that the heart in the centre of the Ace is upside down, so that when the other two cards are fanned out either side of it, it appears to be an Ace of Diamonds.
    Tell the audience you have the ace, two, three of diamonds, fold them up, face down, place the top card (which will be the A of H) in the centre of the pack, the second card at the bottom of the pack and the third at the top.
    Cut the deck, placing the top half under the bottom half, now search for the three cards…you audience will see the Ace, two and three of Diamonds all back together!
    In reality, the real A of D was already at the bottom of the deck, so when you fold the cards, it doesn't matter where you put the top one, eat it if you like! The next card will go the bottom..so under the Ace, and the third card to the top, but when you cut…you're placing all three cards back together.

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