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Kundalini refers to a form of divine positive energy which is innate to all of us. In its dormant form, this divine energy is traditionally depicted as a serpent coiled 8-times around the root chakra at the base of the spine. If awakened, however, the energy surges along the Sushumna Nadi – a spinal channel which acts as a conduit for energy – to bring restorative vitality to each of the body’s 7 chakras.

By revitalizing the chakras, the process of kundalini awakening opens the way for inner-knowledge to flourish. Furthermore, once consolidated within the crown chakra this divine force bestows enlightenment.


Kundalini awakening can occur spontaneously in response to any number of life-events. However, the impromptu release of energy associated with such spontaneous awakenings typically brings about chaotic consequences. Chaotic consequences which, moreover, can provoke a cascade of negative behavioral and physiological changes.

Evidently then, it pays to be prepared. But what exactly does a state of preparedness look like? Well, first off, being ready involves being well-balanced physically. Secondly, it requires mental resilience. And thirdly, it calls for a certain degree of energy-awareness. If that all sounds a bit complicated, don’t fret. All of these can be cultivated by simply practicing kundalini yoga.


The best way to approach kundalini symptoms is simply to imagine them as signals emanating from our energy. Effectively, our life force is simply trying to get our attention so it can point us in the right direction. Of course, just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there are likewise numerous ways in which these cues can manifest.


Bodily kundalini symptoms expressed in a variety ways.

* SPINAL PAIN AND NECK PAIN: Results from friction caused by the renewed flow of energy along the Sushumna Nadi.
* SUDDEN HEADACHES: Occur when there is a sudden clash between internal energy and the universe’s energy.
* STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM: Signifies that the body’s inherent ability to heal has been restored by the energy of the universe.
* APPEAR YOUNGER: Stems from the rejuvenation of mind and body produced by reduced stress levels and internal cleansing.
* ABRUPT RUSHES OF ENERGY: More typically associated with spontaneous awakenings, this sensation is among the most prevalent of all kundalini symptoms.


If you find yourself needing less and less sleep, don’t feel alarmed. It may simply mean that your energy levels are being refilled by the universe.


The increased flow of energy promotes a greater sense of adventure. Which in turn brings about a virtuous cycle, wherein synchronicities and miracles materialize.


This can be true for both external and internal stimuli. On one hand, the increased sensitivity to external stimuli occurs as a function of the nervous system adapting to deal with increased energy flow. This effect can manifest in a multitude of ways from an increased sensitivity to large crowds to an aversion to violent video games.

On an introspective level, increased sensitivity will bring our feelings, thoughts, and energies into sharper focus than ever before.


When energy migrates to heart center, it is natural to become more considerate. Likewise, it is customary to develop a greater sense of oneness with the universe. The resultant inner peace serves as a catalyst for engaging with charitable causes, opposing violence, and rejecting materialism.


When the kundalini energy has established a firm connection to both the heart and soul it is common to experience a renewed determination, a revived assurance, and a reinvigorated conscientiousness.
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