4 Simple Tricks!! Magic YOU CAN DO NOW! (REVEALED / EXPLAINED)

How to do easy and fun magic tricks! Please Like & Share the heck out this magic trick tutorial to support us and so I can bring more guests to you! Special guest Jay Sankey stops by my channel to share 4 impromptu tricks for you! Check out more of his CRAZY cool stuff at http://www.insidedeception.com. He’s one of my favorite thinkers in simple, practical and effective magic. Follow me on Facebook: http://bit.ly/RichFB Enjoy my friends!

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For those DEMANDING EXTREME CARD MAGIC, please do not be so self-centered that you can not make room for what most need and want to learn. I know it sounds pro and experienced to bash “simple” tricks, but lets face it, the people we perform for is all that matters. Please respect the channel and all forms of magic.

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