4 Amazing Paper Tricks and Illusions!

1. Impossible Triangle

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. You’ll get a fold in the center.Next open it up and cut a perpendicular line to the folded one. Turn the paper around and cut two more lines all the way to the folded guide line. Finally take the whole piece and flip one side around.

2. Transforming Ninja Star

For this one you gonna need 8 paper squares. Take one of the squares and fold it in half twice. Open up the piece of paper and fold two of the corners to the center, then fold it in half. Take the open tail and push it inside.Repeat 8 times. Take 2 pieces and put them together, then bend the left over tail pieces into the gap. Connect the last two together to get a circle shape.

3. Paper Magic Trick

You’ll need a special triangle template, that you can below. For an added effect you can paint each of the segments with a different color. Cut out the triangle and all of its pieces. Then try rearranging them and finding out whats the trick!

4. Kirigami Magic Spinning Card

You’ll need a thick piece of paper and another template. We printed black and white so you can’t see the colored lines in the video, so if you’re confused open up the colored template in the description. Put template over the paper then grab a precision knife and CUT along the black lines! After taking away the template you might want to deepen the cuts again. Red lines need to be folded towards one side and green lines toward the other side
Begin from one side and start folding the paper onto itself while also turning it. Then repeat it with the other side

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