32 Great Psychological Tips to Read People's Mind

Sometimes we do something weird and then think, ‘What was the logic of my behavior?’ Was it there? In fact, there’s always some logic, but most often it hides in certain peculiarities of your mind. The human psyche is a pro at hiding its own secrets. Scientists have been working for years to understand everything about the mind and brain, yet there’s still so much left to find out.

But you don’t necessarily have to be an expert in psychology to understand what’s going on in other people’s heads and use it to your advantage. There are some psychological tips that work on a subconscious level that help you win another person’s trust, get somebody’s approval, and relax when you’re stressed out.

Watch the video till the end to understand why we always want something that is impossible to achieve and why we act one way or another!

Who people look at when they’re laughing 1:04
Constant changing of your memories 2:09
How to get any information you need 4:42
Clustering illusion 7:15
The secret of a small mirror 8:29
The Kuleshov Effect 11:28
How much time you spend in La-la Land 12:11
“Body Negative” 13:52
What 3 things you can’t NOT notice 14:10
Survivorship Bias 15:30
Hard-to-Reach Effect 17:32
The Fear of Beauty 19:30

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– After a good joke or in the middle of an interesting discussion, every person instinctively looks at the person they like the most. This is because they want to make sure that the object of their desires approves of and shares their sense of humor.
– People often imagine their memories like short films or video clips. You store them somewhere in the attic of your brain, and they stay there collecting dust and never changing. But this isn’t exactly true.
– If you don’t like the answer someone has given you, or it seems like they’re not telling you the whole story, just keep staring at them.
– If you have to talk to a lot of people at work, hang a small mirror behind your desk. You’ll be surprised that many people will be more polite and ready to meet you halfway in negotiations. This is because nobody likes to see themselves angry or annoyed.
– The effect when a viewer, after seeing two unrelated frames, unconsciously makes up a logical connection between them is called the Kuleshov effect.
– Scientists from the University of California are saying that every single day people spend 30% of their time in La-la Land.
– “Body negative” is a condition where a person thinks they’re ugly, and this is why their personal life is a fail. And their whole life is a fail. Most often such people are attractive, and the problem is more about self-esteem than real flaws.
– You can’t NOT notice 3 things: food, sex, and danger
– Most often we judge a situation only by successful people (“survivors”), and that’s why we know just one side of it.
– Roughly speaking, this is the phenomenon telling that the hard-to-reach is always more desirable. Even if we look at it from a human level: closed, high-status, “no-one-knows-what’s-on-their-mind” people always seem more attractive than others.
– Some people feel excessive tension next to beautiful people: excitement, double control of one’s actions, the desire to save face, and fear of comparison. Such stress doesn’t arise next to an average person.

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