3 Ways to Control the Mind (High Magick Lesson)

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I have three techniques that I use to control my mind and my mental body which in turn controls my emotions and my etheric spirit body. This allows me to have a happier and more satisfying life.

If you have negative thoughts or monkey mind, this is something you will love. Use high magick & psychological techniques to cure your negative thoughts and lack of control of your mind.

I’d love to hear if you try my techniques and how they work out for you. Love & Light

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  1. You are going empower so many people in the coming years.
    I'm sure you have awakened many already, but what you are offering up with these uploads, is the answer to so many ills. It's insanely evil that this stuff is "occulted" in the first place.
    Thank you. 🖖

  2. When you are experiencing negative thought patterns, should they not be addressed by sitting and watching them, and then taking action to stop them coming up again, as they are sometimes caused from the situation you are in and maybe just ignoring them could be detrimental for you.

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