3 VISUAL & EASY Pen Magic Tricks – Tutorial

Hello everyone. In this video, I teach you how to perform three visual and easy pen magic tricks. These tricks will still require a little bit of practice but you should learn them pretty quickly.

The first trick is the most difficult – you need to learn the flip-stick move. This move is simple but you need to repeat it quite a few times to get it fast. Once you have the flip-stick down, the rest of the trick is pretty simple and highly visual to perform.

The next trick requires a little setup but is very easy to do. If you are at school or work, instead of using a chopstick you could use a ruler or another pencil instead. These work really well and are accessible everywhere.

The final trick is the easiest of them all – you can make the pen float in your hands. Just make sure that your fingers are covering your thumbs and you’ll be completely good to go!

Thanks for watching this tutorial and check out my other videos for more great content.