Magic tricks are a perfect way to spend a boring evening. Moreover, if you are going to host a party, magic tricks and science experiments are the best way to entertain guests and have fun! In this video, you will find a lot of tutorials that are so easy that even kids could learn them in minutes.
Let’s start from a collection of crazy tricks with banknotes. You will learn how to build a money printer. Yes, it sounds crazy and your friends will be surprised but it’s a very easy trick to do. You will need cardboard, two pencils, glue, and black paper. Follow our instructions: cut one piece of cardboard to make a base. Next, cut two other pieces of cardboard with 2 holes on each. Glue them to the base using a hot glue gun. Insert 2 pencils into the holes. Attach black paper like it showed in the video and watch the rest of the tutorial in our video.
One more amazing trick is balancing forks. You will need a tall glass, two forks, and a coin. Hook two forks together and secure with a coin and place the coin on the edge of the glass, watch the full tutorial.
Find out how to make coin balancing on the side of the banknote. This magic trick is really easy! Fold banknote in half and place a coin on it. Next, carefully stretch the banknote. Voila! This is a cool trick to entertain your friends at the party!
Optical illusions are so cool! You can perform them without any special skill or tools. Check out how to make a levitating cup, burning banknote and much more!
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01:34 Burning money magic trick
01:51 Cool optical illusions
08:00 Smiling banknote
09:20 DIY money printer trick
13:10 Tricks with rubber bands

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