Easy magic tricks for everyone

It’s often said that true magicians never reveal their secrets. But is you still want to know how to impress you friends or family with magic – then this video is just foe you! Totally wonderful magic tricks that you can easily do at home to impress everyone around you.

1. Anti-gravity water
For this magic trick you will need a transparent glass bottle full of water. Secure it with a piece of cheesecloth fabric. Now it is time to turn it upside down. See the magic? Water stays inside the bottle. But you can make this trick even more fascinating! Just start to pull some toothpicks through cheesecloth inside the bottle while you still hold it upside down. Wow, it really works!

2. Oranges in water
This simple trick is one of my favorites. Take a vase full of water and three oranges: not peeled, peeled and half-peeled. Ask your viewers which orange is the heaviest one. I am pretty sure they will say that it is a not peeled orange… and they will be wrong! Now put all three oranges inside a vase. Peeled orange will lay on the bottom, half-peeled will swim in the middle and not peeled orange will float on the surface of the water. Wow!

3. Never leaking bag full of water
This trick is quite easy as well! Tale a plastic bag, fill it with water and seal. Now you will need some colored pencils. Start poking the bag through. The water does not leak from it. Isn’t it magical?

00:48 Magnetic matches
01:30 Crazy smoke tricks
03:00 Dry ice
05:05 Flying money
06:15 Rubber band trick
08:56 Cool paper tricks

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