21 Day Abundance Manifestation Course Week 3 Angel Prayer

Hello and Welcome to your angel prayer for week 3.

I know when we work with the angels they bring us so much love, guidance and support I know that your angels these last two weeks have been doing simply that.

This weeks angel prayer is to Archangel Gabriel and Gabriel is known as the messenger of God. She oversees those in writing professions, teachers and those ready to guide others. She brings messages of solace, comfort and communication and will help in matters related to children, from conception to childhood.

She comes in on the gold ray and helps with our divine communication to source enabling us to hear, see or sense the etheric realms.

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel
As I connect to your divine and loving energy I ask that you enable me to see, hear and sense your divine and loving messages with clarity
That my soul and essence is filled with your loving light
As my higher self joins with the guidance you bring I am able to move forward with love, joy, courage and confidence.
Blessings in Abundance.