20 decks of DAVID BLAINE playing cards – many YOU'VE NEVER SEEN!

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  1. What would all magicians like to have as their extra cards in a deck.. 52, two matching jokers maybe, and what other two cards would you want instead of ad cards!? David Blaine's had some some my favourites in his decks. Out of curiosity what would you add to your custom deck?

  2. I had every David Blaine deck incuding all prototype decks & stealth deck. Key word had cuz I been selling my entire collection over the last couple months. The only decks I kept is the Stealth, Microsoft, Dell, VIP tour, Observers, & Red Gatorbacks. Stealth deck selling about $1,500 +.. nice collection 🤘

  3. Spot on the first fifteen or so before the white lines I have not seen. I think I have to agree with you on the silver edition, thoes are my favorite because I love the metalux look. The stoics I think I remember also hearing that they are a stripper deck as well. A very amazing look at a very large collection of David Blaine cards that I love to see as well. Congradulations on owning as much as you do and thank you very much for sharing it with us!

  4. Is there any better time to be a playing card collector? I already have 150 different decks, I have about 300 more on my shopping list, and I still haven't bought a single David Blaine deck….damn you, choicesssss!!!

  5. I like Gator Backs, after moving bajillion times, this time I opened all my playing cards boxes like 7 months after I moved, and for my surprise I'm missing an entire box that contains my favourite decks, including green gator backs! and I don't even know which moving was responsible of the lost box. :'(
    Great video David.

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