Awesome optical illusions

1. The appearance of a pigeon
Have you ever seen the prick when a pigeon appears in magician’s hands out of nowhere. Well, it actually appears from a secret pocket. During flashes, a magician pulls the pigeon out of a secret pocket.

2. Lamp in a hand
Everyone know the trick that magically turns on in magician’s hand without any electricity, but not many people know how to do it. Actually, it is pretty easy. A magician has a simple little battery in their hands that turn the lamp on.

3. Find the cat 10:19
As we all know, it’s hard to hear cat’s walking. But do you know how good they are at hiding? Here are some amazing pictures – try to find a cat in each of them. You will be surprised with their wonderful ability!

00:26 Teleportation
01:44 A phone in a bottle
03:48 Lamp in a hand
04:46 DIY phone hologram
10:19 Find the cat

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