What you ready to do for your child? We are sure that you are ready to defend him every day. Are you ready to become a magician for your child? It’s very difficult, but with our tips you can do it))

0:01 DIY scratch cards for holiday
0:54 2 great ways to make a jellyfish at home
1:37 DIY comic shoes
02:29 A home-made light sword
03:30 DIY telescope
04;34 Funny wall lamp
05:21 Shadow theater
06:17 Wooden toys
07:37 How to make giant bubbles
08:26 Cozy pillow bed for kids
09:27 A delightful indoor tent
10:14 How to create an amazing hairstyle with a pencil
11:53 Colored sand
12:53 A spooky cheesecloth ghost for halloween

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