15 Easy Magic Tricks to Fool Your Friends

How to surprise your friends? How to become a true magician? A lot of #magictricks are a piece of cake to pull off yet just as impressive!. You’ll easily entertain a crowd and fool your friends with these super simple magic tricks!

It’s probably safe to assume that executing an awesome magic trick requires a huge amount of preparation, practice, and skill. While that’s true for a lot of illusionary feats, there are tons out there that are a piece of cake to pull off yet just as impressive! Whether it’s bending a paper clip with your mind or making #pencillevitate , you’ll easily entertain a crowd with these super simple magic tricks! Now watch carefully! Not everything is as it seems…

Bending a spoon 1:02
The disappearing coin 2:08
The signed card 3:04
Vanishing crayons 4:15
Telekinesis 5:29
Levitating pencil 6:19
Turning #waterintoice 7:00
Stab a potato with a straw 8:02
Apple surgery 8:44
Changing directions 9:26
Defying gravity 9:58
Box of chocolates 10:35
Always on the right page 11:20
Smash a cup through the table 11:58
Losing your finger 13:01

Explanation fo the most popular magic trick:
This trick is as old as time, but it still gets the same reaction as when it was first invented. It works especially well with kids and other easily impressionable audiences. You’ve got 5 fingers, and then…whoosh!… one of them just magically disappeared! Now you’ll have to live your life without that precious finger! Man, and that one was your favorite! Eh, I’m just playing with you! It’s still right where it should be. So, how do you make it temporarily vanish? Super easy.
All you have to do is bend your index finger and hide it behind your middle finger. Practice makes perfect with this finger-losing trick. Plus, it’ll make your fingers more flexible. If your crowd gets a little too worked up about it, you can play nice and show them all your fingers are still there after another “whoosh”.

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