10 Simple Tricks to Manipulate People's Mind

The development of psychology allowed scientists to study the biological processes in the human brain, emotions, behavior, and reactions. This information gives us an understanding of our own actions. It also makes it easier for people to control others.

Do you ever wish that you could make people agree with you, like you, or remember you with a snap of your fingers? Believe it or not, it’s actually possible — you just have to know a couple of tricks. They work on a subconscious level and help you win another person’s trust or get somebody’s approval. Bright Side will share 10 tips that work every time and can be useful in any situation.

Mirror your opponent’s body language to make them trust you 0:37
Use the word “because” to have it your way 1:27
Pause to give your words a bigger effect 2:45
Stay silent to find out more 4:02
Be the first or last one to make them remember you 4:40
Sit next to your opponent to receive less criticism 5:18
Ask someone for a favor to change their perception of you 5:57
Use contrasts to get what you want 6:57
Nod slightly to make someone agree with you 7:34
Draw a triangle with your eyes to stop the conversation 8:11

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– If you want someone to like and trust you, mirror their body language — especially their poses and gestures. The most important thing is to be smooth about it.
– During a heated discussion, every opinion has to be heard, but only one will be chosen as the final one. If you want it to be yours, simply use the word “because” with your reasoning!
– If you want them to remember what you said and really think about it, add a pause after the statement. This simple trick will help you put all the right emphases in your speech.
– If you want to get everything out of another person, you shouldn’t insist or be too demanding about it. Simply stay silent, and they’ll tell you everything!
– If you’re doing an important interview, try to arrange things so that you’ll be the first or last person seen.
– Let’s say you know that your colleague or boss plans to lash out about your work skills at an upcoming meeting. How can you prevent a total disaster? Sit right next to them!
– Ask someone for a favor to change their perception of you. This psychological trick is also known as the Benjamin Franklin effect.
– One of the most popular psychological manipulation techniques is to ask for something way bigger than what you actually want.
– To get the positive response you need, nod slightly while asking the question. Remember to maintain eye contact with your opponent!
– Look your opponent in one eye, then in the other one, and then at their forehead. Keep “drawing” this triangle shape for the rest of the convo. They’ll soon get the message on the subconscious level and say their goodbyes.

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