10 AMAZING Mind Reading Tricks!

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In this mind reading episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV reveals the secrets behind 10 amazing mind reading magic tricks. Easy mind reading tricks perfect for beginners! These are some of the same mind reading techniques used by psychics, mediums, stage hypnotists, and famous magicians! There are interactive magic mind reading tricks revealed with numbers, shapes, math, colors and so much more in this amazing magic tutorial!! Learn how to read minds like to pros step by step! Thumbs up for more mental magic tutorials!! And always remember to Laugh At Life my friends 🙂 L@L

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Mind Reading Magic Tricks Revealed in this video:
1.) Grey Elephant in Denmark Mind Reading Trick
2.) Ashes on Arm Visual Card Force Magic Trick
3.) Color and Tool Red Hammer Mind Trick
4.) Odd Even Number Psychic Mind Reading Trick
5.) Fingers on Temples Signal Mind Reading Trick
6.) Simple Shape Symbol Mind Reading Trick
7.) Random Object Psychic Signals Technique
8.) Crystal Ball Center Tear Mentalism Magic Trick
9.) States Interactive Mind Reading Magic Trick
10.) Knife Cups Russian Roulette Trick
Bonus Mind Reading Trick
1.) Cards Interactive Mind Reading Magic Trick

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