#1 Abundance Miracle Manifestation prayer + brain entrainment sound bath meditation

DId you know that SOUND is one of the most POWERFUL healing tools in existence?


This is a transformative sound healing session, that will not just bring you more peace, but help you draw more abundance into your life!
You can think of it like taking “Sound Bath.”
You just relax and listen, as suddenly all the “energetic gunk” holding you back is washed away!


.. this is more about the Manifestation Magic program of brainwave entrainment built around the seven solfeggio scales.

Brainwave entrainment is acting like a vitamin C for your brain. This means it makes everything better. You’ll vibrate on the same frequency as your innermost desires and you’ll slowly manifest everything you desire in your life.

Your body is made about 70% of water. Your body is also made 100% of energy, as everything is around us. Energy vibrating at fast speeds give the impression of matter. This is elementary high-school physics.
Since water is one of the main building blocks of your body, how it reacts to the vibrations around you matters. And this is only what we can observe. Some scientists think vibrations affect your DNA, at the most elementary level, but we don’t have the tools to observe this. We can only observe what it does to water and the effects are extraordinary.
And even without these tests, even without these experiments, you know this already. You know how some vibrations make you feel relaxed and happy while others make you sick. You know well that classical music will improve your concentration and make you smile while rock music can make you aggressive.

So just listen in the stillness within you, discover the truth and hear the voice within your heart that has always been there… waiting for you.
A free gift to try.. HERE,

If you’re reading this message, then chances are you already know this important TRUTH…
That the Universe LOVES you deeply.
It’s ALWAYS there to listen, support, and lift you up.
BUT… what you might not realize is…
The Universe ISN’T a silent friend… watching you quietly while floating up and away in the clouds.
No… the Universe is involved in your daily life… and is constantly SPEAKING to you.

YOU ARE LOVED +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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