🔷I AM Affirmations 24/7: Self Love, Positive Energy, Gratitude, Confidence, Abundance & Happiness

Dear Magnificent Being 🙏🏼Welcome to this 24/7 ‘I AM Affirmations’ video WITH SUBTITLES. Oh Yes! 2020 is the year of embodying and aligning with our Purpose, and Letting Go of that which is not serving our Highest Good; Loving full; Living Fully; Courageously facing the aspects of life we need to deal with, and stepping into our Authentic Power and Light in the process! These I AM Affirmations and Statements are supercharged with the purest intentions of Love and Expansion. Supporting, uplifting and upgrading you on your Awakening journey. Aligning with your Mind with your Heart and Soul. THE TIME IS NOW.

ALL affirmations are from my previous videos (13 sessions: 3hrs ++) – with fresh footage and added subtitles! Mixed with binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies 852hz and 963hz, OM mantra and powerful drums. The music is in 432Hz tuning.

Check out my I AM affirmations playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWWG_PHempixZFCsy2w-G90VNddo8UjbG

Dear Soul, Thank you for being here. I´m a Loving Soul who is here to learn, teach and Shine my Light. I AM Courageously walking my own path. My Life Purpose is to spread practical Knowledge, Wisdom and Healing with Love and Enthusiasm – that Inspires and Awakens people to their Greatness & Potential, and make this world a Peaceful, Joyful and Loving place for ALL Life.

Infinite Love and Gratitude to you,
for being a part of my life.

I see the Light in You,

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I LOVE to make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in your life! I am honored for the opportunity to connect with you in such a meaningful way. Thank you.

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Infinite Gratitude 🙏🏼