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Discover this Law of Attraction secret formula to make your affirmations work. Speed up the Law of Attraction and manifest what you desire with greater ease and certainty. While many methods of manifesting use the power of affirmations, affirmations alone are not enough to unlock your true manifesting potential. Writing affirmations using the 5 x 55 method or the 3 x 33 method is a helpful tool to manifest what you deeply desire. However, these tools are really only the tip of the iceberg to helping attract the money you desire, the relationship you crave, and the health you depend on. Join Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach, Robert Zink, to discover how to turn yourself into a manifesting magnet using this Law of Attraction secret formula. When the book the Secret came out, many people read it over and over again in hopes of manifesting a new dream life. People all over the world are repeating endless phrases and affirmations with the intentions of unlocking the Law of Attraction success. The secret Law of Attraction formula is often missing and is the difference between massive success and mediocre achievement. You can have unlimited success when you apply this Law of Attraction secret formula. Experience fast manifestation of your goals and dreams. This video culls the wisdom from Esther Hicks, Napoleon Hill, and Neville Goddard in this best Law of Attraction video. Prepare for a new life.





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